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Reenacting the Civil War

Since 1998, I have participated in various reenactments of the battles and lifestyle of the American Civil War.  Some of these reenactments were very exciting and interesting (Chickamauga of 1999 comes immediately to mind) and others were not so much fun.  These pages are a sample of some information I have found useful, and some photographs of the events that I like.

How To Get Started in ACW Reenacting: If you spend a few years doing just about anything, people start to think you know what you are doing, and ask you for advice.  This web page is my attempt to advise those getting started on what they should buy.

Links: My favorite reenacting-related web sites, drawn from several years of surfing the web during lunch hour.

Pictures: images from various reenactments I've been to, either as a spectator, or a participant.

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