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Grant and Lee Reenacting Links Of Interest

These links provide access to additional information about reenacting and the American Civil War.


General Civil War History

Civil War Reenacting

Reenacting Units

Various reenacting group web sites that I have found useful:

Publications and Newsletters


Have some spare cash you haven't yet spent on a musket or sack coat? These folks can help you out. A listing here means I have found the sutler generally to have decent wares, and have bought something from them in the past.  Some are more authentic than others, and the more authentic ones are often also more expensive.


New sites related to the Civil War appear on the Internet all the time, and I can't visit them all.  If you'd like to see even more sites, or even add one of your own choosing to the list, visit our MISCELLANEOUS CIVIL WAR LINKS page.

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Please notify Daniel McClory as soon as convenient. I try to keep this links page up to date and useful.

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