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The Damn Yankee

Newsletter of the 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

May, 2001 Issue

Message from the Editor

May marks the beginning of our regular event schedule. Unfortunately, we already have a schedule change, even before we get it published. Apparently, due to the threatened writer's strike in Hollywood, the Granville film shoot we voted to attend was cancelled. The other events are laid out in the schedule section, below. Remember that if you wish to attend an event, you'll need to fill out the forms sent to you by the event boss, and return them with your registration fee. Some of our events do not have walk-on registrations, so if you don't pre-register with the event boss, you may not be able to attend the event. If you have any questions about an event on the schedule, please feel free to contact the event boss for details.

May Events

Memorial Day Parade: May 28

Location: Euclid OH

Lt. Guy has submitted our application for participation in the Euclid parade. He'll be providing more details when they become available.

Event Schedule

For more information, contact the event boss or see our web site schedule (

Be Safe and Check that Chamber

Word has come down of a shooting accident at the recent Raymond, Mississippi, event held this spring. At this time, little information regarding the exact circumstances of the event are available, but it appears that a private marching with the 19th Alabama was wounded by either small caliber round, or by some foreign object (stone, wadding, metal fragment, etc.) that was accidentally fired. Many of you may remember an incident a couple of years back at a Gettysburg event where a man was wounded in the neck by a pistol round. At the Gettysburg event, the accident was eventually traced back to a weapon that had never been properly inspected. We may well find that this latest event was caused by similar oversights. The weapons inspections we conduct at the start of each event may seem boring and at times even excessive ("What, another inspection?") but please bear in mind that the weapons we carry are lethal and must be treated with the utmost respect and care. Even when firing blanks, a careless act could easily maim or kill someone at close range. To be safe, every chamber in every weapon should be carefully inspected prior to an event. All it takes is one forgetful incident for tragedy to strike. So, when you are asked to participate in an inspection, take it seriously, and always keep safety foremost in your mind.

This Month in the Civil War - May 1861

The state of Maryland teeters on the brink of secession, and unrest brews in the city of Baltimore. Federal recruiting agents and volunteers moving through the city are threatened by crowds and sometimes attacked. Since Baltimore is a major transportation hub, and one of the main routes to Washington D.C., the Federal government acts to bring the situation under control. On May 15, the War Department orders the occupation of Baltimore and nearby towns by a few hundred armed troops under the command of Benjamin F. Butler. Within his proclamation to the citizens of Baltimore, Butler declares:

"No flag, banner, ensign, or device of the so-called Confederate States, … will be permitted to be raised or shown in this department, and the exhibition of … them by evil-disposed persons will be deemed … to afford aid and comfort to the enemies of the country. To make it more apparent that the Government of the United States by far more relies upon the loyalty, patriotism, and zeal of the good citizens of Baltimore and vicinity than upon any exhibition of force calculated to intimidate them into that obedience… the commanding general has brought to the city with him, … scarcely more than an ordinary guard, and until it fails him, he will continue to rely upon that loyalty and patriotism of the citizens of Maryland which have never yet been found wanting to the Government in time of need."