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The Damn Yankee

Newsletter of the 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

December, 2000 Issue

Message from the Editor

Our Chief Executive Officer, Joe McMahan, is the primary contributor for this month's newsletter. Contributions for the monthly newsletter are welcome from any member, and simply need to be submitted to your humble editor prior to the tenth of each month. Your editor reserves the right to tinker a bit with your piece to fit it into the newsletter, but I promise not to do anything major without your permission.

Meeting/Drill Schedule

As a reminder, our current winter drill schedule is as follows:

Sunday, January 21, 2 PM

Sunday, February 18, 2 PM

Sunday, March 11, 2 PM

All drill dates are held at the Oakes Rd. Facility located at:

4450 Oakes Road

Brecksville, Ohio 44141


January begins our drilling season. Drill is scheduled for Sunday 01/21/2000 at 2pm, with a brief business meeting following. Because of some unexpected time restrictions with the Oakes road facility we only have use of the gym for 2pm through 4pm (not 5pm like in previous years). Therefore please time your arrival to be there no later than 1:45pm and be 'geared up' by 2pm so we can maximize our drill time. Several of our members will be taking advantage of the winter schedule to better learn their new NCO and Officer duties (Joe Guy 1st Lt, Dan McClory 1st Sgt and Joe McMahan 1st Cpl). Those of you wise enough to remain in the ranks, please help them as best you can, and tolerate them otherwise.

A short business meeting will take place after the drill. Topics to be covered include:

Please come prepared with ideas, suggestions, etc. on any and all of the above topics.

"Hail to the Chief!" - Notes from our President


The 41st OVI had its annual business meeting on Sunday 11/19/2000 at the Oakes road facility. We had two new members in attendance, Ken and Sandi Counselman. They are new to re-enacting as participants but have attended several events as spectators. They live in the Maple Heights area. Please join me in welcoming them to the 41st. Some of the topics of this meeting included

Even though we have had our ups and downs this past re-enactment season I hope that everyone had fun and learned a thing or two, I know that I did. Here's to an even better season in 2001.

Huzzah, break ranks, march.

Have a safe and joyous Holiday Season!

Your obedient servant,


Joe McMahan

This month in 1862

In December of 1862, the 41st OVI, along with the rest of the Army of the Cumberland, were in the area of Nashville, Tennessee, searching for the Confederate Army of Tennessee. On Christmas day the regiment was ordered to pack 3 days rations in their haversacks, and the next day they were on the march toward Murfreesboro. They had been marching off and on since September 6, often without baggage or tents, for a distance of over 600 miles, regularly engaging in skirmishes with the Confederate rear guard. Here in Tennessee, during the last few days of December, the pursuit and skirmishing would finally climax in a full-scale battle near Stone's River. The battle that occurred during the frigid days of December 31 through January 2 could best be described as a draw, though the Confederate army eventually chose to leave the field. For the 41st Ohio, 14 of their pards would lie dead on the field, and would not take up the march again.