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The Damn Yankee

Newsletter of the 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

April, 2001 Issue

Message from the Editor

This month, we'll try something new and actually get the newsletter out EARLY! This should be handy, since April is Camp of Instruction month, and we all need to prepare for our annual drill-fest. Included with this newsletter is all of the information I have been supplied with regarding the COI. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any officer (elected, military, or other). We will be voting on our event schedule for the year during the COI, so if you have any ideas for events, please submit them to Captain Nelson. April 13 is the deadline for submitting event suggestions. One final note: April evenings get pretty cold, and it would be nice to have plenty of firewood on hand. Anyone who can bring along firewood (regardless of amount) is encouraged to do so. If you can volunteer to provide firewood in advance of the COI, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Capt. Nelson for delivery details.

Meeting/Drill Schedule

Camp of Instruction: April 22-23

Location: The Nelson Home (near Randolph, OH)

Weather permitting. Directions for reaching the camp can be found on our web site's schedule page, ( and a map is included with this newsletter. If the weather is bad (a common occurrence in April) please contact a company officer for alternate arrangements. You may arrive Friday evening (after 5pm), and you are welcome to camp in the Nelson's spacious back yard. Drill will commence early Saturday morning, roughly 8 AM, or whenever the breakfast dishes are washed up.

Memorial Day Parade: May 28

Location: Euclid OH (probably)

It is highly likely that this year's parade will be in Euclid. As details become available, we will pass them along.

Some Other Events of Interest

Attention to Orders!

By Capt. Nelson

The Camp of Instruction is almost here, and the season is about to open. I cannot stress enough the importance of attending the COI. It is when we ‘put it all together’, the keystone of our training. We need to be sure to be ready to fight on the field, skirmish, mount guard, and know what picket duty is all about. In addition, the combat safety training is only offered at the COI once. If you are a soldier and miss it, you cannot take the field until YOU make arrangements to get it from a commissioned officer. Officers – you must either pick a date for first aid / CPR training, or you cannot, per the bylaws, act in the capacity of an officer. I will accept current cards that you get on your own, as long as they are either American Red Cross or American Heart Association. So pick a date in the near future and contact me, or bring me your cards by Saturday morning, or bring your private’s gear!!! This is not optional or in the event protocol, it is in the bylaws and will be enforced.

Just a word on recruiting. We have about 10 soldiers of the line that showed up to drills. That is the MINIMUM number for us to go as a company. If 1 person gets sick & cannot attend an event, it could be the difference of going as a company, or falling in with who knows who. If we could increase that number this year to 12 – 14 dedicated members, we would have a margin of safety to assure our participation as a company at our events. So please, do whatever you can to bring new members into our wonderful organization this year. We need about two more privates to go forward with the promotions I have in mind.

To close I would like to say that in the past, if the weather was wet, we moved the COI to the Brecksville facility. This is a poor substitute for outdoor drill, and there are many things we cannot do inside that we really need to practice. Of course if it is lightning or a tornado warning, we will think safety first. However, if the major problem is water, plan to be at my place for the weekend. We often get soaked at events (Mumford??) and still have a capital time. Virtually all units who are well respected in the hobby drill in the rain, so unless it is a major downpour (I will be reasonable!), plan to drill. Professional singers will be excused from cold soaking rain drill :^)

Parade is dismissed!


Tentative COI Drill Schedule

Friday, April 20th:

Officers' meeting 2pm. Non-officers may arrive to set up any time after 5pm. There will be no drill / instruction on Friday, but feel free to camp.

Saturday, April 21st:

1100 – 1230 Dinner

1600 – 1730 Supper

Sunday, April 22nd:

1200 - 1300 Dinner