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An Ohio Volunteer The 41st OVI Unit History

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The 41st served in the Western Theatre for the entire war, under such well known generals as Grant and Sherman. It fought in many battles over the course of four hard years, suffering more than 300 casualties. It earned a reputation among the hardscrabble Western units for it's spit and polish, and was often held as an example of good soldiering.

The Medal of Honor was newly established at the start of the Civil War, and over 1500 Federal troops were awarded it during the conflict. Two of them were in the 41st.

For an abbreviated listing of the unit's actions during the war, see our timeline. For a more detailed history composed by someone who saw the war first hand, read our transcript from Whitelaw Reid's history of the regiment. Visit our first battle page for a description of the unit's first engagement at Shiloh. We also have a page which gives a glimpse at what the 41st may have looked like when they weren't in battle.

Much of the success of the 41st OVI was due to the abilities of their initial commander, William B. Hazen. To get an idea of his command style, you can read some of the orders Hazen issued during the war.

Back at home in Ohio, things weren't always peaceful during the Civil War. For a glimpse of what the strain of war can do to a community, read our short anecdote "An Incident In Stow".


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